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What We Do

BlitzCrypto offers professional community management and other synergetic services for your blockchain project. We will work closely with your team to develop a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that aligns with your business model and goals.

Star Project - Gifto ICO

We helped Gifto, the most successful ICO in Asia, by building and managing their community from the ground up.

  • Whitelist applicants: 14,000 supporters applied to GIFTO’s whitelist
  • Community growth: 200 Telegram members to over 8000 in 1 month
  • Token sale: $30 million coin cap filled under 1 minute of ICO
  • Token price: GIFTO price tripled on the first day on Binance

Our Services

Having strong community support throughout the ICO process is crucial to a successful crowdfund.

24/7 Community Management

We provide professional community management to strengthen investor confidence and maximize potential investment. Not only will your investors have their concerns and questions answered, we will also perform quality moderation to ensure positive public sentiment and strong network effects. This will establish loyalty from your investors, creating long term values even after the token sale is over.

Growth Hacking

We understand that it can be challenging to grow your community while focusing on your ICO and project development. BlitzCrypto can launch a bounty program and an airdrop campaign to attract potential investors by maximizing your exposure. Let us grow your community, while you can focus on what you do best!

Translation Services

A global audience is mandatory for the success of any ICO, and you may miss out on potential investors for the lack multilingual contents on your White Paper and website. Our translation services are professionally done and verified by third parties, to ensure the highest quality of translation. We currently support Chinese, English, Korean, and French internally and have outsourced contacts for other major languages.

Spam & Scam Protection

Staying ahead of scammers and spammers is critical to the health of your community. We are experts in their sophisticated approach and understand that the methods of attack vary and get updated frequently. Our previous experiences have given us the tools we need to shut them down fast.

Telegram Bot

Our Telegram bot is a powerful multi-purpose tool. It’s an integral part for onboarding new users by greeting them and helping to answer simple questions about the ICO. With a configurable filter, it can block out harmful URLs or other spammy/scammy behaviour. Additionally, the bot is capable of providing you with insightful metrics and analytics.

Post-ICO Support

After the completion of your ICO, we’ll get ready for a handover by suggesting appropriate community contributors to become volunteer leaders, ensuring an active and loyal community. Alternatively, we can offer long-term arrangements for our clients. If you believe that we’ve done a good job, feel free to contact us for your other needs - we’re more than happy to help!

Our Team

BlitzCrypto was founded to solve a fundemental problem in cryptocurrency markets - how to effectively reach out to the community during a company's ICO process. Our team is diverse and experienced within the crypto space.

Zhe Tang


Connor Bradley

Director of Biz Dev

Connor Kendel

Data Scientist

Ashley Pranajaya

Head of Operations

Muriuki Njonjo

Head of Public Relations

Ahmed Garib

Head of External Affairs

Millie Gatawa

Biz Dev

Gianni Recupero

Community Manager

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